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Sometimes it takes years for the significance of an event to be fully understood, like the founding of the Hocking Glass Company in Lancaster, OH in 1905.  At the time, no one knew that they were taking part in the birth of a brand that would last far beyond their lifetimes.  Few companies from that era remain today and fewer still have showcased American craftsmanship in the way that Anchor Hocking has.  It’s the craftsmanship, the pride in our work and 111 years of being part of the fabric of America that makes Anchor Hocking, The American Craft Glass Bottle Company.  Stronger than ever, we will continue to anchor a foundation of craftsmanship and quality for generations to come.

Anchor Hocking is proud to be the only American manufacturer of premium cosmetic flint wine and spirit bottles that is both head-quartered and produced entirely in the USA. The company employs over 1,500 associates nationwide and is supported by our parent company, The Oneida Group.

Our wine and spirit bottles are crafted at our Monaca, Pennsylvania factory, near Pittsburgh. Our headquarters, which also houses a manufacturing facility and our design center, is still located on the original site in Lancaster, Ohio.


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Custom & Stock Craft Bottles

Anchor Hocking is dedicated to bringing your brand’s story to life, starting with the first thing consumers notice about your product:  the shape of your bottle.  We believe that better design and quality enable better experiences.  Whether you choose one of our stock bottles or work hand-in-hand with our designers to create one all your own, you can rest assured that any Anchor Hocking premium glass spirit bottle will deliver:

-Impactful visual appeal
-Ergonomic functionality for both bartenders and consumers
-Process efficiencies to keep filling, decorating and labeling operations running smoothly


Glass Bottle Design

Anchor Hocking is passionate about craft spirits, and we believe what’s inside the bottle should be expressed by the bottle itself.  We start our design process by listening to you.  We want to know your story, the heart and soul of your product.  Our design and marketing team will work with you to design your spirit bottle with a purpose:  to convey your brand story from the first impression.


Glass Color Options

In addition to crystal clear premium flint glass, Anchor Hocking offers premium flint glass options. Glass color offers an impactful distinction on the retail shelf and can help consumers quickly identify your brand.  We customize the glass color to your specification by melting it right into the molten batch to give your bottle a rich, authentic color throughout the entire bottle.  Those colors include but are not limited to Cobalt Blue, Champagne Green, Dead Leaf Green, Antique Green, Plum, Teal, Vintage Green and more.


Decorating and Labeling

Give your bottle the voice to tell your story through screen-printing, labeling and many other methods of decorating.  Anchor Hocking designers can help you achieve your ideal bottle, from start to finish.

Customized Carton Printing

Your brand message should be communicated through your carton packaging as well as your glass bottle design.  Anchor Hocking’s team of graphic designers can extend your brand story to your printed cartons.  We will even have the cartons printed and pack the bottles in them to help streamline your processes.



Crafted Stock Bottle Options

Need help getting started? Here's a few ideas to get the juices flowing! 

Revolution flask

Item: W99919
Capacity: 750 ml
W:26.5 oz H: 11" D: 4.10 x 2.16"
GPI Spec 34-3120
"C" Dim 21.49mm


Revolution flask with inset

Item: W99920
Capacity: 750 ml
W:26.5 oz H: 11" D: 4.10 x 2.16"
Cork Finish -Special circle inset to add
a wax backstamp or medallion
GPI Spec 34-3120
"C" Dim 21.49mm


Revolution flask w/custom inset

Item: W99920/XX
Capacity: 750 ml
W:26.5 oz H: 11" D: 4.10 x 2.16"
Cork Finish -Customize this bottle with
your own logo embossed in the glass!
GPI Spec 34-3120
"C" Dim 21.49mm



Item: w99247R
Capacity: 750 mL
W:27.69 oz H: 8.669" W: 3.7"
Cork Finish - No Punt- Wide Body
GPI Spec 34-3120
"C" Dim 21.49




Item: W99909
Capacity: 375 mL
W:14.39 oz H: 6.858"" D: 3.005"
Cork Finish
GPI Spec 30-3120
"C" Dim 18.49mm



Item: w99249
Capacity: 750 mL
W:27.69 oz H: 8.669" D: 3.89"
GPI Spec 34-3120
"C" Dim 21.49mm



Item: W99918
Capacity: 375 ml
W:14.39 oz H: 6.858" W: 3.101"
Cork Finish
GPI Spec 30-3120



Item: w99248
Capacity: 750 mL
W:27.69 oz H: 8.669" D: 2.845"
Cork Finish - No Punt- Pinched Wide Body
GPI Spec 34-3120



Item: w99904
Capacity: 1.75 L
W:37.30 oz H: 13.46" D: 4.362"
Threaded Finish - Pinch Grip Handle
GPI Spec 33-360 TE


Item: W82501ALR1
Capacity 750 mL
W: 16 oz H:11.875" D:2.93"
Cork Finish - Mid Punt - Narrow Body
GPI Spec 30A-3115
"C' Dim 18.70mm


Vertus Bordeaux

Item: W89741ALR2
Capacity: 750 mL
W:14.46 oz H: 12.219" D: 2.845"
Thread Finish - Mid Punt- Narrow Body
GPI Spec 30-1680 - Size 60 Finish




Item: w85001ALR1
Capacity: 1.5 L
W:26 oz H: 13" D: 4"
Cork Finish - No Punt- Round Shoulder
Wide Body
GPI Spec 32-3110
"C" Dim 21.49mm



Item: w88002AL
Capacity: 1.5 L
W:26.4 oz H: 13.26" D: 4.03"
Thread Finish - No Punt- Tapered Shoulder - Wide Body
GPI Spec 30-1680 - Size 60 Finish



Item: W89905AL
Capacity: 1.5 L
W:23.73 oz H: 13" D: 4"
Thread Finish - No Punt - Round Shoulder
Wide Body
GPI Spec 30-1680 Size 60 Finish


Item: W99922
Capacity: 375 ml
W:14.3 oz H: 8.754" D: 2.706"
GPI Spec 28A-3100
"C" Dim 17.09mm



Item: w99914
Capacity: 750 ml
W:24.72 oz H: 11.5" D: 3.273"
GPI Spec 34-3120
"C" Dim 18.49



Item: w99915
Capacity: 750 ml
W:28.63 oz H: 11.5" D: 3.504 x 2.244"
GPI Spec 34-3120
"C" Dim 21.50

Bring your vision to life.

With the assistance of nearly 100 years of glass expertise Anchor Hocking can craft any vessel to expand your customer's experience. Contact our glass experts today to begin!

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